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Retro Holy Card | Fr. Michael McGivney

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We're not sure if Fr. McGivney had a workout regimen, but we do know that his organization has become the "strong right arm of the Church"…and now you can carry (or frame) a reminder of this man whose spiritual regimen and care for his flock still inspire today! Designed in the style of classic baseball cards, these “heavy cards” from Spirit Juice are crafted from artisan-grade 32pt (380lb) cardstock and are designed to take a beating, endure some wear, and survive the little hands of our saints in training (our children, of course)! What can I say? We’re passionate about paper…and quality…and evangelization!

Our small and medium prints don't just look good, they feel good...exuding a tangible quality and long-lasting reminder of Fr. McGivney’s work. The small size is exactly credit card-sized, meaning it will easily fit in a wallet or as a bookmark in your Bible, hymnal, Liturgy of the Hours, or missal. The medium size is perfect for framing, but they'll also sit nicely on a desk or keep your page in your favorite book all while maintaining their structural rigidity and standing up to recurring use and daily life (unlike lesser-quality paper stocks). On the back of these small and medium prints, we include a beautifully designed reminder of the saint's life; their birth and death, notable information, and a reminder of why we look to them as examples of holiness and Godliness. Stickers are permanent vinyl stickers that are dishwasher safe and designed to withstand some abuse!

This design is part of our "20th Century Visionaries" collection.


Father Michael McGivney

Born: August 12, 1852 | Died: August 14th, 1890

Bio: Michael McGivney was born in Waterbury, Connecticut to Irish immigrant parents. At an early age, Michael experienced how hard life was as a Catholic in the nineteenth century United States. Anti-Catholic bigotry was common, and his family was poor. He became a priest, and in the community surrounding his first parish he saw the same bigotry and poverty. But Father McGivney’s strong, serene demeanor helped him make relationships with non-Catholics in the community and kept the faith of his parish from eroding. It was at this parish where Father McGivney first explored the idea of a Catholic fraternal society. He wanted to help men keep their faith, become good American citizens, and to support poor families and keep them from splitting up. On March 29th, 1882, the Knights of Columbus was born. After creating an astonishing legacy that lasts to this day, Father McGivney died of pneumonia on August 14th, 1890.

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